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Bartleby the Scrivener

God be praised: there even Gimpel cannot be deceived indicates that Gimpel finally realizes that God is the only being you can trust. The earthly world is full of deceitful people. Gimpel learned that by having faith in God and ignoring the ignorance of others, [Read More]

corneal Ulcer

Corneal Ulcer (Introduction)The eye is one of the vital organs in a human being. As seen on figure 1, the eye is composed of many different parts and function. The cornea is a clear covering over the colored iris and the pupil of the eye. [Read More]


Cloning became to be, as a Finn Dorset ewe would provide the mammary cell forthe cloning process. Secondly the mammary cell containing all copies of everygene that is needed to make the sheep. Although the only genes for proteins thatare required by mammary cells are [Read More]

This side of paradise1

Many critics have complained, with justice, that a great flaw in This Side of Paradise (aside from its loose, rambling structure) is the fact that the author seems uncertain as to his own attitude. He mocks the romantic delusions or emotional melodrama of his “little [Read More]

Indonesia crisis as an example

Indonesias Crisis: The Lesson for ChinaintroductionIndonesia, as we have long predicted, is coming apart. This process has a great deal of relevance to China, whose army, like Indonesias, was accustomed to making lots of money and now resents the fact that the good times are [Read More]

Essay: On Ockham’s Razor and Gulf Ills

October, 1997, New York, NYThe analytic instrument we feel most comfortable wielding, journalistically, in exploring the cause of Gulf Syndrome is Ockham’s Razor. It is named for, but apparently was not quite explicitly stated in the writings of English philosopher William of Ockham (circa 1300-1349). [Read More]

Oedious As A Statement Of Hope In Oedipus At Colon

usOutlineI.Oedipus’ decencyi.To daughtersii.To sonsII.Appearancei.Characteristicsii.Clothingiii.Blindediv.ConfidentIII.Sufferingsi.Murder of father/wed motherii.Betrayed by sonsiii.Exilediv.Blinded/beggarIV.Divinityi.Prays to gods who are to punish himii.Chooses place of deathV.Effecti.On Theseusii.On manEssayThe Greek tragedy Oedipus at Colonus was written by the great and renowned Greek playwright Sophocles at around 404 B.C. or so. In the play, [Read More]

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